Bianca Gonzalez on Skin Care and Whitening

Bianca Gonzalez

Bianca caused a bit of a stir on Twitter recently when she said recently that she felt sad when a ‘morena’ (darker skinned latinas) chooses to endorse a whitening product.

Bianca tweet

She followed up fairly quickly clarifying that she just meant that she was “all for celebrating the natural skin tone you’re born in, fair or dark.”

Reactions were a bit mixed with some agreeing wholeheartedly. Others however pointed out that celebrities in the news in Asian countries tended to have lighter skins than everyone else. It’s a trend and naturally people want to emulate the stars they look up to.

All she wanted was for fellow morenas to be proud of their skin tone, but also added that it really was all about personal choice. And that her opinion like everyone elses was just her opinion.

tweet 2

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