Skin Lightening Through Exfoliation?

Dr Neil Talks Exfoliation

This is probably the No.1 most overlooked secret to better skin lightening. And it comes with a big bonus (more on that in a moment).

Dull tired skin is darker than the skin below. If you want lighter, brighter looking skin – you simply need to exfoliate. No, it’s not ‘trendy’, it doesn’t use the latest cutting edge ‘Kardashian-endorsed’ salon therapy.

But it is cheap, and very effective!

Our skin is a natural living organism. It’s being constantly renewed. New skin cells are made every day to replace the old ones that naturally die. The dead skin cells will eventually just fall off, but meanwhile they sit there making our skin looked darker and tired.

This is actually also made worse by all the moisturizing and the makeup we use, as this makes it harder for those dead cells to naturally fall away!

So gently exfoliating once a week can make a visible difference to how light your skin looks, and how fresh it looks too.

What’s The Big Bonus Of Exfoliating?

By removing all those clogging dead outer skin cells, you not only freshen up your appearance but you also open up your pores and the surface of the skin. This allows products to penetrate the skin more easily. Which means any expensive moisturizer or serums you use can get into the skin much better where they can work their magic!

The same of course goes for skin whitening creams, as these do need to get into the skin to work. Those layers of dry dead skin cells will absorb some of the cream, which stops it getting into the deeper layers of the skin where it needs to get to.

Exfoliation makes all of your skin care products work better!

So make sure you set aside a little time each week to gently (and I do mean gently) exfoliate your skin. And yes, this does apply to all areas of the body and NOT just your face.

Don’t just take my word for it, watch this short video by respected dermatologist Dr. Neal on why he is a massive fan of exfoliation:-

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