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What is Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex?

Even skin tone

You’ve probably already heard about Meladerm. It’s a pigment reducing and skin lightening product made by Civant Skin Care, that has become a popular choice amongst people who are searching for natural products to use as a skin treatment.

This article will reveal all that you need to know about Meladerm, so you can make an informed decision about whether this particular product is well suited to your needs and your skin care goals.

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Hydroquinone Skin Care Products – Are They Safe To Use?

eyesYou may have heard about a skin bleaching and skin lightening chemical called hydroquinone. But do you know what it really is, how it works and whether it is safe or not to use on your skin?

Hydroquinone is used in many skin lightening products but many people are still not aware if there are any risks involved in using these products. This article presents to you some of the research we have done in our quest to find out if hydroquinone is really a safe ingredient, and what alternatives might exist out there that could be a better choice for some people. Continue reading