Khanyi Mbau Says She Overdoes The Skin Whitening But It Works For Her

Khanyi tweeted a pic of herself on Monday looking a lot lighter skinned than before.

Criticism was pretty quick to arrive from fans who claimed they couldn’t even recognise her anymore. Thousands of fans liked the photo however. She took it all in her stride and just said that things change.

She took to VooV however to explain more, saying adamantly that she does NOT bleach her skin.

I don’t bleach my skin, I lighten it. There is a difference between lightening and bleaching, and people just don’t get it.

Khanyi went on to explain that her skin has this new pinkish complexion because as with everything in life, she overdoes it with the skin whitening products. She agreed that her skin was now pink almost albino but said there are no side effects, all the creams were doing were making her lighter.

Khanyi Mbau is an actress, DJ on Metro FM and model. When she’s not on the radio you can find her on Twitter or VooV.

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