How To Lighten Your Private Area At Home

Bleaching or whitening the more intimate and sensitive areas of your body needs special products designed for the purpose. Please do NOT go applying any old whitening cream on your private areas – the results could be very uncomfortable!

Intimate bleaching has been a service offered by beauty salons for well over 15 years now. But it’s expensive ($200+ per session, not course of treatment, per session!), potentially very uncomfortable – and of course, quite embarassing!

Thankfully there are now a whole range of intimate area bleaching creams that are not only a lot cheaper. But can also be used discreetly in the comfort of your own home.

Be Careful – Check Ingredients

As with all whitening products, it’s very wise to check the label before buying. I wouldn’t recommend using any product with hydroquinone in it. The research is not fully conclusive as yet as to how safe or unsafe hydroquinone is. But there are plenty of products to choose from that don’t use it, so why take the risk when more natural options are available!? It’s just not worth it.

OK, so assuming you want to know how to whiten intimate areas naturally, these are some of the active lightening ingredients to look out for:-

IngredientWhitening Effect
Arbutin/Alpha ArbutinExtracted from the bearberry plant, this natural ingredient has been shown to reduce melanin production in the skin. Melanin is what gives your skin color.
MulberryMulberroside F extracted from the mulberry bush has been shown to be an effective tyrosinase inhibitor (tyrosinase is an enzyme that controls melanin production).
Kojic AcidIt comes from a fungus and is frequently used to replace hydroquinone.
Vitamin CA very familiar ingredient, with a surprising range of uses. And now this use too.
NiacinamideMore commonly known as Vitamin B3, but it has been shown to be very useful for problem dark skin areas.
Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA’s)AHA’s such as glycolic acid are frequently used in skin creams to improve appearance and texture, but they have also been shown to be useful for hyperpigmentation.

By “active” I mean these are the ingredients that have been shown by research to have a lightening effect on skin pigment. There will of course be other ingredients too, but if you can’t see anything in a product that looks like an active ingredient then it’s not going to work. It’s basically a moisturizer if it has no active ingredients!

What Areas Are They Designed For?

Again, it’s important to check. But most products are designed for use on any of the more sensitive areas of skin.

That typically includes private parts specifically. As well as the nipple area, anal area and underarms too.

We do hope you truly love products we recommend on our site as much as we do. But just so that you know, our site can receive a small percentage of the purchase price if you buy after following links on our website.

Best Bleaching Cream For Private Areas?

There are plenty to choose from, but the best intimate bleaching cream is going to be one that is:-

  • effective at skin lightening
  • designed for use on private parts
  • a good price (or has some great specials/coupons/2-for-1’s etc)
  • can be bought online discreetly (unless you like smirking teenagers at the drug store checkout!)

The one I currently recommend, based on these requirements, is Amaira Intimate Whitening Cream. You can get it direct from the people who make it here

10 times more effective whitening effectAmaira uses 2 of our key natural active lightening ingredients – mulberry extract and kojic acid.

Also make sure you check if they have a multi-bottle pack special running sometimes you can get a ‘Buy 2 and Get 1 Free’ deal here. Which makes it pretty cheap per bottle.

Why Bleach Private Areas?

Intimate whitening is very much a personal thing of course. And there is no right or wrong. It’s purely about what you feel comfortable with, and how you want your body to look.

It may also be about how you want to be seen by intimate partners. That’s OK too. We all do things to please our partners.

Our bodies vary greatly from person to person. Which also applies just the same to the darkness or lightness of our skins generally. And yes, to the color of the skin of our private parts too. Some people are just naturally born with lighter skin in those areas – whereas others have skin that is significantly darker than the rest of their body.

Should we just accept it? Is whitening unnecessary?

Not if it bothers YOU.

Some of us choose to wear make up before we would ever be seen in public. This is very much the same thing. If this minor change to the way your body looks improves the way you feel about your body, then I say go for it. Whether you are simply looking to lighten the area so it doesn’t look quite so dark, or if you want it to be as light as the skin on the rest of your body. If you want to know how to lighten your private area, that’s your business. And maybe your partners if you so choose.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

We all want results fast. But personally I think it’s better to think of safety as more important than speed. If you want fast intimate whitening then you’re probably better off going to a clinic and paying the big money for the serious bleaching treatments.

If you’re wanting to lighten your private areas using more natural ingredients that should be safer and less harsh to use. Well, then you’re going to need to be a bit more patient.

Products using the natural ingredients mentioned above do have a whitening effect. But it will take a little longer.

You need to allow at least 2 weeks of use to start seeing results. But it can take a couple of months to see the full results.

Does It Work For Everyone?

Results can vary greatly from person to person. For good reason. We all have different skin types, of different colors and shades. We also have different requirements of how much whitening effect we are looking for.

So our expectations of the results varies too.

That’s why you sometimes see amazing AND terrible reviews for the same product. The product worked, because plenty of people said so and gave it a great review. Those giving it a bad review were probably too impatient to wait for the full results and/or had very dark skin they wanted to lighten a great deal. Just like for general skin whitening, bleach cream for private parts has to be given a chance to work.

How Long Will A Bottle Of Intimate Lightening Cream Last?

It depends how large the bottle is of course. Do check the labels as just like the entire beauty industry certain manufacturers make bottles that look like they hold more than they actually do!

But a typical pump action bottle should give you enough product from a single pump to treat 1 to 2 small areas. With 1.5 to 2 ounce bottle, that should last you a month at least, but probably up to 2 months with careful use. Just remember that you only need a small amount of intimate whitening cream, so a little really does go a long way.

We hope this guide on how to whiten private parts has helped you to choose the right product for you. Please let us know how you get on, or contact us with any tips or product recommendations you may have.
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