Most Effective Whitening Body Lotion?

Body whitening products are confusingThere are soooo many skin lightening body lotions on the market, it’s just too confusing.

But pretty much all of them fall into these 3 categories:-

  1. Cheap, but useless or not very effective
  2. Reasonable price, and they work (because they use very similar ingredients)
  3. Expensive, and no better than the reasonable price ones!

There are certain ingredients you need in a lotion for the most effective results. (But you can read more about those specific ingredients in skin whitening creams if you want to).

And some of those ingredients are expensive to make – so if you only buy the cheapest products you’re really not going to get the best whitening effects. Because at that price they can’t afford to put the best effective ingredients in those products. Makes sense, right?

There’s also no point going for the really expensive products. Because they don’t offer anything better! Maybe the packaging is fancier. Or the brand name is bigger. But that’s all your extra money is really paying for..!

So if you want the best lotion to lighten body skin you need to be paying the middle prices. Which means about $50 for enough to last you 1 to 2 months (depending on what areas you are using it on).

Right in the middle of this range is one of my favorite products (called Meladerm). It’s a more natural product than some of the others, and includes a fantastic range of whitening ingredients that have been shown to work. It’s also got some great extras to condition your skin and lessen lines and wrinkles too (great for your face).

But so long as you aim for that price range, and make a shortlist of the ingredients that should be included (and those to avoid) – then you can’t really go far wrong.

Let me know which one you decide to go for? And how well it works out for you?