Face Whitening Creams For Men

Guys, do not be fooled – you do NOT need special ‘male only’ products for your skin. Skin types vary across everyone, but the best whitening products work for both men and women – as Fahylando shows in this video (this is after just 53 days – with very impressive results):-

The Products Fahylando Used With Great Results:-

1. Meladerm Cream & AHA Exfoliating Serum – good value all natural products for whitening and reduction of hyperpigmentation
2. Aztec Secret Clay Mask – used twice a week to greatly improve breakouts and skin tone, very cheap
3. Perricone MD Products – more expensive but high quality general skincare and sun protection products

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Of course, men don’t have to use all of these products. If you’re just looking for general skin lightening or reduction in darker areas of skin pigmentation then try No.1 – the cream is good for both face and other areas of the body and a little goes a long way. If you suffer breakouts definitely give No.2 a try too – because there’s a very good reason women use face masks!

But as you can see from the video, you need to be prepared to allow a bit of time to start seeing results. A few months is a realistic time frame, but some people start to see results much sooner. I’m sure you’ll agree that Fahylando’s results at just 53 days are pretty amazing.

And it really wasn’t that much hard work – he just applied the cream once a day before bed, added in a twice weekly face mask because he suffers from acne (not that you can tell!), and some sun protection if you’re going to be outside. That’s pretty much it.

There are of course other products on the market as well – so if you’re shopping around or buying locally just be sure to check out the ingredients list before buying. Personally I would favor products that use more natural ingredients – and you can find a list of the natural skin lightening ingredients here – this shows some of the key ones to look out for.