Meladerm Questions & Answers

Meladerm Questions and Answers
This list of should cover any questions you have about Meladerm, but if you’re still not sure of anything please just ask.

Is it safe, can anyone use it?

Meladerm is a more natural whitening product. It does NOT contain hydroquinone – a commonly used ingredient for which there are safety concerns. It has also been made without mercury or steroids. That said, the manufacturers do not recommend use by pregnant women, and advise waiting until after nursing. They do also recommend use by children only over the age of 12, but this should be under parental guidance. But always consult a doctor first if you have any existing skin or medical conditions just to be safe.

What about side effects or allergies?

Most people will have no reaction at all. But it’s always wise when using new products to do an allergy test first – particularly if you know you have more sensitive skin. Test a small area on your arm for example and allow a few days to see if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients.

How much is it? How long does it last?

The price for the smaller bottle (1.7 oz) is $49.99, and a little goes a very long way. It’s a pump action bottle, and you’ll get about 50 full pumps out of it. It only takes half a pump for your whole face! So even if you’re using it 2 times a day, it will last nearly 2 months. Or even longer if you’re using on smaller areas of course. There is also a larger 3.4 oz bottle (twice the size) which works out 20% cheaper – so you can save a lot by going bigger.

Are they any discount codes or coupons?

No. The manufacturers don’t offer discounts because the price is already very good. TIP: they do sometimes add free gifts though when you spend a certain amount. They don’t seem to advertise this, but you can get gifts like a free microdermabrasion cloth or a free eye complex by spending a certain amount. Try changing the quantity in your shopping basket and clicking the ‘update cart’ button – you might find a free gift appears 🙂

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Where can I buy Meladerm?

You can get Meladerm online from the official website here. They happily ship all over the world, and shipping is fast too.

Does Meladerm work for black skin?

The darker the skin the longer it may take to see results. But this product has been shown to work with all skin types including African American, Asian, Indian and very dark black skins too.

Does it work for hyperpigmentation?

It depends at which layer of the skin the pigmentation occurs. Normally hyperpigmentation occurs at the epidermal layer (i.e. more on the skin rather than below it), for which skin lightening creams such as Meladerm are suitable. If you’re not sure what type of pigmentation you have, it’s worth talking to a dermatologist first.

What about melasma?

Yes, the manufacturers and users reviews say it is very effective for melasma.

Does it work on acne scars? Or dark spots (also called liver or age spots)?

Again, yes, it has shown to be reduce the appearance for all these types of hyper-pigmentation, plus freckles and sun damage too.

Can it be used for knees or dark underarms?

Yes, it is also recommended by Civant for knees, underarms, birthmarks and even old scars.

Does it contain hydroquinone?

No, Meladerm is NOT a hydroquinone skin care product.

How long does meladerm take to work?

With regular use you can start to see results typically within just 2 weeks. But it will take more like 2-3 months to see the full results come through. There are of course many factors that affect this, such as your skin type and the condition and the specifics of the pigmentation you are trying to reduce. TIP: it helps to stay out of the sun!

Where can I find more information?

Have a look at our more detailed review of Meladerm here.

Can I use it on body sensitive areas?

No, it’s not recommended by the manufacturers Civant. If you want a product to use on your private areas, read our guide to intimate whitening – for such delicate areas it is suggested that you use a product that is specially designed for this purpose.

Any other questions, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.